What’s important to you?

I ask this question to all of my coaching clients…

What’s important to you?

The initial answers are usually clouded by ego.

Once we get a little deeper we start to hit what is truly important to the individual.

Typically there is a pattern of responses which a large majority of people would share (family, friends, etc).

Once we move past this level, we’re in the creative space which is truly unique for everyone.

These are the things in our lives which are influenced by our belief system.

Have you took a moment recently to consider what’s important to you?

Ask yourself the question 5 times, with each answer force yourself to go deeper (it’s tough, but you’ll be surprised what you find).

We’re looking at what’s important to you… What do you stand for? Fight for? What would you die for?

In the rare case you struggle to come up with an answer, then you must find one.

If you don’t know what’s important to you, then what is influencing your decisions?

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