Hate your job? Read this.

I come into contact with people everyday who tell me they hate their jobs. You likely meet them too, or perhaps you’re one of them? Well I have some thoughts.

A recent conversation with an uber driver went like this…

Me: Hey, how was you day?

Driver: Mmm, same as every other day… working sucks, right?

Me: Sorry to hear. Ah, it doesn’t have to be bad. What do you do?

Driver: I work for a bank in the day then drive for uber part time.

Me: Cool, how long have you been at the bank?

Driver: Too long, it’s a nightmare in there.

Me: Are you looking for something else?

Driver: I’m waiting to win the lottery! Haha

Me: What sort of work would make you happy?

Driver: Watching TV?

Me: haha.

This conversation triggered this post so here are my thoughts if you find yourself in a similar boat, or if you speak to people who are.

The first step is to decide what you want. 

…and no, sitting at home watching TV is not an answer. If that is your dream, it’s sad that work has made you feel that way. If I had to guess, this is likely because the work you’re doing right now has not been something you’ve decided to do. You’ve just ended up there.

For you to be happy with your working life, you must decide what you want. How will you define success, happiness & fulfilment in your job? If you’ve not thought about this, get thinking.

Working is an essential ingredient to life and if you choose what you want and chase that, then you’ll surely find fulfilment on some level.

The next step is to take action. 

Many people who hate their jobs, do nothing about it. They just sit there like ducks hoping things will get better. Well, they probably won’t – get a grip and stop moaning about your life. You are in the driving seat here and you can change anything you want including your job.

No excuses, whatever your circumstances – you can make changes. 

If you hate your job and still aren’t prepared to take action, you clearly don’t have enough ‘pain’ in your current position. Or in other words, you’re comfortable enough to sit there because most of your needs are being met.

This is unfortunately where most people who say they hate their jobs are. In a limbo where they mentally are totally not enjoying what they do for work, but at the same time it fulfils their needs to feel secure, etc.

Don’t live in that limbo, if you really do hate your job – make a change. You may have to make sacrifices but remember work is a huge part of your life. Don’t waste your days doing what you hate. Find something better. Opportunities are out there and if you can’t find something better, be creative and create it.

‘You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.’ – Robin Williams 

If you’re looking to make some changes in your life, pick up a copy of my book ‘Learning to Wake Up‘.

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