We’re going to miss you Casey Neistat

If you’re a fan of Casey, you’ll know last week he decided to stop his daily vlog. We’ve seen previous vlog titles suggest he was stopping, but this one appears to be a genuine end to his daily videos.

I wanted to add some thoughts following this announcement… 

First of all, Casey is a skilled filmmaker and despite his production of daily videos… his most popular (and perhaps his best) videos weren’t daily vlogs. They were well crafted and often involved some of his friends/ team who assisted in the production. We’ll likely continue to see these videos appear and perhaps they’ll be even better as he now has more time.

Secondly, as a daily watcher of around 5 YouTubers…  75% of the time his videos had become flat. Enjoyable to watch, but they missed the spark they once had. It’s a positive that Casey can now put his energy into fresh content which requires more thought and production and we can experience richer content.

Finally, this is a very good announcement for the creators on YouTube. When you have leaders like Casey to compete with, the bar is set so high and now there is a space for new & existing creators to expand their audience and capture some of the success Casey has had on YouTube.

It must be insanely challenging to let go of something which is working and has drove so much success, but I have so much respect for Casey who has decided he isn’t growing anymore and it’s time for the next chapter. That doesn’t mean he’s quitting, that means he’s going through a transformation and I’m very excited to see what happens next for Casey Neistat.

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