1 year with a Virtual Assistant

Around a year ago I hired a virtual assistant to support me with some time consuming tasks including; invoicing, chasing invoices, client communication, new business emails & general life admin. This post may be helpful if you’re thinking of hiring a VA already or perhaps you’ll be inspired to see how your life could change with a VA as mine did.

Before we start, a question. How valuable is your time? 

For example, If I bill my time out at £100 per hour and spent 90 minutes on the phone trying to change a flight I’ve lost the opportunity to bill £150. You may not have billable time booked, but there is a lost opportunity when spending your time on non-essential tasks.

I originally hired my VA because I was sick of chasing overdue invoices. I find chasing invoices directly can damage your relationship with a client but when this task is done by a third party it’s always fine. A VA can keep their eye proactively on invoices and follow up by email, or call the client if the invoice isn’t paid.

Beyond this simple task I discovered how a VA becomes an extension of yourself. Over time, they learn how you operate and become a vital asset in keeping productivity flowing. For me, as I travel all over the world I decided to hire a VA in New York through timeetc, this time zone works pretty much globally so even when I’m in Australia my VA can book appointments in the US or Europe when I’m asleep.

After the first 2-3 months, your VA will learn your credit card/bank details so can make bookings for you. They’ll learn a list of suppliers, clients & your personal contacts so they can make appointments and proactively communicate on your behalf. They’ll share your calendar so can see what is coming up and either send reminders, or take action on your behalf. They’ll have access to your key accounts so when needed, they can wait on hold to make a booking or appointment for you.

Out of all the support my VA provides, that is a key one to point out… I no longer need to wait on hold while booking appointments, changing flights, etc. It saves me time sure, but it also saves me the stress of going through the experience of listening to cheesy hold music and the sound of a phone ringing.

The cost for this service? $25 per hour. I typically work with my VA for around 20 hours per month, so the cost comes to around $500 per month. This is an investment for sure and one which has shown excellent returns. If you’re looking for an experienced VA to become an extension in your life and business, consider timeetc.

If you have any specific questions, send me a tweet here.

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