Cut the losers out of your life

In my book ‘Learning to Wake Up‘ I discuss limiting factors which are holding you back. One of these limiting factors is the people and influencers in your life. We choose who to let into our lives. Whether that’s in person, or the content we choose to consume. Choose carefully.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” ― Jim Rohn

Here Jim Rohn sums up the point perfectly. The closest people in your life whether they are; friends, family, work colleagues or mentors play a huge role in shaping who you are – your thoughts, actions and understanding of the world is shaped by those you spend the most time with. This can work in positive ways when you choose the people carefully but more often it works in negative ways.

Have you ever found yourself with the wrong people around you? Where you have to hold yourself back from commenting. Where you physically have to be something you’re not?

As you forge your strategy for next year, I urge you to look at the people and influencers in your life from the last year. Then identity who is serving you with positive energy and who is leading you off course.

Or, quite simply – cut the losers from your life. If you spend too much time with these people, your standards for life will drop rapidly. Your definition of success will transform and you’ll lose your way.

It can be tough saying goodbye to people in your life, especially when perhaps you were once very close. I have come to learn that as we evolve over the years, our connections evolve too. That can mean people we once were very close to can no longer serve us in the next chapter of our lives and we must move on.

If you’d like to learn more about the limiting factors holding you back from creating your dream lifestyle. I cover the 4 limiting factors in my book here.

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