Creating your 2017 strategy.

For the last 5 years come November/ December every year, I’ve started working on a strategy for the following year.

Why? Well, believe it or not – strategies are not just for companies. They are important for us all. In this short post, I want to help you establish your 2017 strategy.

Before we start, something which I’ve discovered over the years – investing in a notebook for the year is a very good move. This notebook is only for life strategy work, nothing else. That means ideas you have about your career, business, health, location, financial, travel or otherwise.

To begin – draw a circle in the middle of one page and write your name in the middle.

Then, coming off this circle think of 5 things you’d like to achieve/ experience or acquire in the year. Some ideas may come right off your mind, but some may need some work. Don’t rush this and consider things of value, not just throw away things.

If this was your last year alive, would you be proud of the things you’ve listed above? If not, then re-visit the first exercise. Take a fresh page if you have to. Also, be very specific – don’t have cloudy things listed. For example, if you want to travel write down the countries and for how long – even write down a rough cost for this (get online and figure it out).

Okay, so once you’ve completed this – you may have some travel plans, a financial amount you want to earn, something you want to buy (a new car, house, watch or otherwise)… whatever you have listed, they are personal to you. Some coaches recommend sharing them although I haven’t found this to be beneficial for everyone.

Now what you’ve just listed down on the page – this is how you will define success for 2017. This time next year, if everything on your page has been achieved, experienced and acquired – you can pat yourself on the back because you have applied your strategy. Too many people don’t have an idea of what success is for them and therefore they can never reward themselves effectively.

The next part of your 2017 strategy is understanding what you need to do to get there. It’s a life review – looking back on your 2016, what has worked well for you & what has totally been a waste of time. Remember, we all have the same time – it’s how we spend it which enables some to move faster than others.

On another sheet of paper – write down what is working for you. This could be your career, habits and even people. Who is serving you – which of your friends are making you feel charged up and alive.

Next, on a fresh sheet of paper – write down what isn’t working for you. Again, this could be the job you’re currently in. It could mean some people who drain your energy and time, it could mean debts which are out of control, it could even mean the location you’re in. Go ahead, write them all down.

Take a moment to review everything you’ve listed above – your 2017 strategy should consist of;

  1. How you’ll define success next year
  2. What has been working for you in 2016
  3. What has not been working for you in 2016

Okay, to wrap up your strategy – you need to review what hasn’t been serving you and find replacements. This may take some time if it’s larger things in your life such as your job, location or even the people you spend your time with. How will you replace these in your life with fresh things which serve you? Research hard, this may take a few days or even a few weeks. That’s why we do it at this time of year so we have time to think and research. You may need to get external support – research who is going to support you and become your strategic partners for 2017, write them down.

Awareness is something most people live without. They go into each year blind. Perhaps on the last day of the year they make one commitment to change. Usually, it’s to give up something. This just isn’t effective.

You want to enter 2017 having spent many hours considering how you’ll define success – in 12 months time, if I asked you has 2017 been a good year? You’ll be able to clearly measure what you set out to achieve/experience & acquire. Then, you’ll already know how the previous year went for you – what worked and what needs replacing in your life. You’ll also have some ideas and steps for replacing what wasn’t serving you.

I hope this helps – it’s worked for me and enabled me to do more than I could of imagined.

Go boldly into 2017 with your strategy. 

If you have big plans for your 2017 then hiring a coach could be a great move. Having a strategic partner will ensure you kick start your year with a solid strategy and then hold you accountable when applying it. I have some availability during 2017, if you’d like to discuss working with me click here.

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