Unleash The Power Within – Sydney 2016

Last week I had the opportunity to attend Unleash The Power Within in Sydney, a 5000 capacity event hosted by one of my heroes – Tony Robins. It’s a 3.5 day event and it’s far from a conference – there is very little sitting in this event. It’s closer to the atmosphere of a rock concert.

I’ve followed Tony’s work for several years and I’m a big fan of his strategies & overall general approach to life. He’s been called many things from a motivational speaker, life coach, business coach… but ultimately he has a great personal story of transformation from the rock bottom of life to the top of the personal development industry. His personal journey inspired him to learn from the best in the world in every industry to discover the ingredients for success. He’s wrote several best selling books, has been in the industry for the last 30 years and has a global audience in the millions.

If you’re not into personal development, which I’d define as the opportunity to focus on the self and grow emotionally, spiritually or physically – perhaps Tony isn’t for you. For everyone I’ve introduced to Tony, they have later thanked me. Even without investing any of your money, his content hits the spot and will surely inspire something inside of you.

Tony Robbins, UPW Sydney 2016

Back to the event…

*Disclaimer: it’s actually very difficult to ‘review’ this event, it’s simply something you have to experience. When people ask me what we done – it’s challenging to fully share this with them as 54 hours of immersion takes some time to fully digest. 

This event is so successful due to pure immersion – an intense 17 hour first day kicked off what was a rollercoaster of a journey. Connecting with ourselves, our internal dialogue and controlling our state. To wrap up the final day, we get into state and walk barefoot over fire (burning coals). I’m human so I was nervous for this – but wow, what an experience. Tony uses this exercise as a metaphor for life. Removing fear through getting into state and taking action.

Alongside Tony throughout the event was Joseph Mcclendon iii, who was also fantastic. More comical but still filled with quality knowledge. Joseph is a psychologist and spent many years practicing in Los Angeles before meeting Tony at one of his events – and later joining him.

The second day isn’t as heavy as the first, we kick off at 9.30am and finish by 9pm. The day is filled with various exercises of mind – reviewing past decisions, the motivations which drove them & what story has drove our lives. In between the exercises we have Tony back through video – many of them were old but totally still relevant.

The third day Tony was back in person and the concert started again – it was a true rollercoaster of a journey from the deepest, darkest fears to your highest and most promising dreams. It was about transformation – realising what will happen if we continue to let fear into our lives. To close, we set our state and high standard for the near future – what action are we going to take next and how will that feel. At the end of the day, the water guns came out and it turned into a big party.

To close, the fourth day was all about health & vitality. It was an awakening about food, medicine & our bodies. Tony has coached many of the worlds best athletes and he shared with us through video what is essential to learn for real vitality in life.

This blog really doesn’t do the event justice but I wanted to share some of my thoughts. If you’ve never explored Tony’s work I urge you to let his work into your life. If you’re already into his work – make the commitment and immerse yourself – the event may seem like a big investment but for 54-hours of immersion you won’t regret it.

One tip if you’re looking to go to the event, I got a VIP ticket – just behind the Diamond seats. I would highly recommend the additional fee for a closer seat – you get a way more intimate experience and the energy is at the front of the room. 

If you want to experience UPW for yourself (and I recommend you do) then check out www.tonyrobbinssydney.com

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