Don’t get distracted by the noise.

It can be difficult in this world to follow your dreams, depart from the masses and simply regain control to focus on your own life. Distraction is everywhere; whether it’s the design of the education system, your parents and what they want you to do, what your friends are doing with their lives or even what celebrities are doing. With technology & social media, these messages are amplified and create a lot of noise;  it’s no wonder so many people drown in it and end up living lives of indecision.

Despite all of this noise in your life, you must not get distracted. You’ve got limited time, and if you use it to trial out what everyone else wants you to do, you’ll have very little, if any, time left to do what you truly need, and want, to do.

The only voice which matters in your life is your inner voice; the one which knows you best, the one which through your crazy thoughts and ideas, the radical mistakes and the honest gestures, is rooting for you and doesn’t make any judgements.

Life is a whirling adventure – go forth and do what you love;  you have a duty to make your mark on the world.

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