The illusion of a perfect life.

Like many, throughout my youth I was conditioned to believe that by working hard, my life would eventually all ‘slot together’ and that things would eventually be perfect. The key ingredients to that perfect life would appear, become available and things would be beautiful. The career, family, friends, health & bundles of happiness would all fall into my life if I work hard. It is a theory which so many live by but I’ve discovered to be untrue.

Oprah Winfrey — ‘You can have it all. Just not all at once.’

Since this discovery, I’ve completely changed my approach to life. My new strategy is to appreciate each chapter and accept that with each phase of life comes a special blend of challenges, resources, people & happiness. Appreciating the challenges, lessons & resources which come with each phase is paramount to not wasting it.

If you’re in search of that perfect life, take a look around and appreciate this very moment. Right now, in this chapter you have perhaps a bundle of ingredients which may never be present in your life again. Take pleasure in the now and appreciate what has been and went.

People tend to come and go in your life, as do vital resources, opportunities, connections & good health. Enjoy the perfection in each chapter.

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