Happy 2016 & Announcing Digital Freedom Visa

Happy 2016, I hope wherever you are – that you push further & achieve even greater connection this year.

Since I started my journey into the world of personal development 5 years ago, every January I go through a journey of reflection & planning. I look back over the year and think about the big takeaways, lessons learnt and my shift in priorities.

Then, I’m faced with planning for the future year. One of the most important elements of personal development is setting super clear goals and making them positive. This is one of the most common mistakes people make when entering the year – they don’t set clear enough goals and they don’t focus on positive outcomes.

If you want to make this year your best, start to be clear with what you want. You’re either moving away from something or towards something. Focus, be positive & set deadlines for your goals. 

A few months ago I made some pretty big life changes – I made the jump into full time contract / freelance work, whilst leaving my apartment in London & working completely remotely. I joined a community of digital nomads and now live and work wherever I want.

After sharing the news and writing about it, I’ve had so many people ask me questions – wanting to know how they can do the same. The biggest question is about getting work on the road and even whether they have the right skills to work remotely. All of these questions have led to me creating a new platform for people wanting to live & work remotely – say hello to Digital Freedom Visa.

The digital nomad lifestyle is amazing – it’s healthy, productive & so much fun. The best part – once you’ve mastered the art of working remotely through building a lifestyle business, the rest is upto you. I’m building Digital Freedom Visa because there is limited information online about how to actually go about making the change.

The Digital Freedom Visa will take you on an immersive coaching journey – mapping out your future self with powerful questioning. Then, it’s down to the logistics of actually making the lifestyle shift – where to up skill yourself, create your personal brand, earn a good income remotely, what you’ll need to pack and so much more.

The best part about Digital Freedom Visa is that it’ll never be finished. New information will be added each month from myself and other digital nomads I’ll be interviewing on the way.

Perhaps in 2016 you’re ready to live a life of freedom? Where wealth is measured by the time you have available in your week, one which is focussed on health, one where you can earn good money working remotely and one you can truly live your passion.

I wish you the very best again for 2016 – you create your own opportunities or you fit into one created by someone else. Do something amazing.

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