Building a globally-distributed social agency.

I recently discovered the new Estonian e-residency program, enabling anyone to become an e-resident and setup a location independent business there with ease. We’ve all come across the growing number of startups operating without offices, there is a growing culture of utilising the many co-working spaces available and even working remotely.

It’s a culture which I fully embrace for productivity, health & happiness – surely by taking out the commute, life is better?

Many leaders are still focussing on input vs. output – they’re only concerned with the number of hours spent at the desk, as this validates their traditional theory of what work should be. Thankfully, things are evolving and it’s great to see so many companies adopting new innovative ways of working.

When we were building Zocial Native, we wanted to fully embrace and take advantage of the Estonian e-residency enabling us to operate globally with a legal & tax framework which supported it.

What we ended up creating was a globally-distributed team using the latest technology. Facilitating great communication, collaboration & delivery to clients.

When we were thinking of the concept for a modern social agency without boundaries, we wanted to enable experienced human resource booking to be as easy as firing up a new web server. We’re working on a social portal which shows available resources and enables businesses of any size to allocate social & digital human resource as required.

By having a pool of highly experienced talent located around the globe – all utilising the same tools such as; Slack, Google Apps, Skype, HelloSign, Dropbox… Zocial Native will enable businesses of any size to reduce costs and access remote resources with ease, peace of mind and security.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on hiring remotely, working smarter & using online tools for meetings – leave them in the comments below.

Zocial Native will be launching soon, if you’d like to learn more please get in touch.

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