Building Zocial Native.

As an entrepreneur I’m tirelessly flowing with ideas for new projects & businesses, but since my last venture Cherry Bird I haven’t had any which seemed straight forward enough to execute, until now.

We’re going through a huge change in how we work. Although the real impact of these changes will take several more years to really hit everyone, there is a huge shift (from both sides) in companies wanting to hire contract workers / freelancers and people wanting different things out of work. We’ve all witnessed the rise of marketplaces such as peopleperhour, elance & fiver – places which enable you to hire people for set projects or tasks.

My latest venture is called Zocial Native. We’re a globally distributed social agency which can work as your social team, remotely. 

As a growing company, agency or multi-national… Zocial Native enables you to access the best social talent to work for you remotely. Using tools like Google Apps, Slack, LastPass & Basecamp remote working and secure online collaboration is easier than ever.

We’re combining my experience of leading social teams for fast growing startups and working with various digital agencies with the future of work. This approach enables us to bring localised knowledge of each market, always be at the heart of innovation (not stuck behind a desk) and offer a pricing model which works.

We’ve sourced a fantastic team split across some great cities, it enables us to deliver 24/7 community management, content production around the clock and crisis management without the overages commonly found with agencies.

Remote working isn’t a new thing, the big players like Google & Facebook have been working smart like this for a while. Although so many companies still fear remote working, research validates the additional productivity & health benefits.

If you’d like to talk more about Zocial Native, or if you’d like to work with us be sure to get in touch here.

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