Being a Jack of All Trades Doesn’t Mean You’re a Master of None.

I often hear this saying ‘jack of all trades, master of none.’

It’s usually used in a negative context to describe someone who has a broad range of skills, but doesn’t excel in any.

It made me question how much I agree with that statement as a negative so I done a little research to uncover what others think.

It turns out, there is already a wide range of articles in circulation and wikipedia even have a dedicated page to the phrase here.

After some reading, the second segment ‘master of none’ was actually added later and the original phrase ‘jack of all trades’ was a positive statement used to describe the likes of William Shakespeare.

What I don’t agree with is the ultimate belief that life needs to be consumed with one particular thing.

Yes, I accept if you’re working in science, medicine or various other fields you need to invest your time heavily to truly understand your subject and to perhaps make a breakthrough.

Away from the selected fields which are deeply complex, I believe life is richer when it’s filled exploring many fields. I believe with the changing landscape of work, young people today will take a much more fluid approach to learning. It won’t stop in the early 20s, but continue throughout life to quench the thirst for knowledge in multiple fields. Beyond the pure desire to learn, we’ll need to become agile and embrace change since our ‘career’ will likely consist of multiple positions & contracts unlike former generations who had 1 or 2.

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