I have around 2679 weeks left to live.

(If I’m lucky, that is.)

I have around 2679 weeks left to live. That’s if all goes to plan of course and I live an average life span.

Zack in Thailand

I came across this website called 4000Saturdays, it calculates some of the vital stats about your life. I discovered that my lungs have helped me breath 958 million times, that my heart has been beating around 134 million times and that I have around 25 years left of pro-active life. Pro-active life refers to the amount of time I have left outside of covering my basic human needs (sleeping, eating, dressing, washing).

For many, this is depressing news. For me, this inspired me – the gift of awareness is so powerful.

Many people let the fear of death consume their life. Fear takes over everything – it stops us taking risks, going on adventures, changing careers or even starting things over. The fear of losing our possessions, social status or security overwhelms us. The truth is, from birth we were conditioning to believe all of this matters. With these things in mind, all that matters is that you embrace life because death is something which awaits us all, someday.

When you’ve passed, what do you want people to remember about you? What will they say at your funeral? What was your life all about? Who did you help on your journey?

If you’re living a dormant life, stop. Start living and embrace the adventure. Don’t let anything stop you.

If you’d like a wake call, check out your own stats by clicking here.

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